Pastors’ Leadership Breakfast

Pastors’ Leadership Breakfast

The purpose of AAREA®’s Pastors’ Leadership Breakfast is to link the faith-based community with the educational community. The goal is to encourage African Americans to take a leadership role within their church congregations and surrounding community to help close the achievement gap for African American students,  and to assist in increasing the involvement of African American families in their children’s schools and educational success. Each event features one or more speakers on a topic relevant to this goal.

Examples of Presentations

  • Models of Success: Examples of Best Practices and Effective Partnerships
  • How Can We Deepen Our Partnership with the Faith-Based Community to Increase the Involvement of African American Parents in Their Children’s Education?
  • Programs Working to Serve the African American Community and the Challenges They Are Faced with Recruiting African American Participants
  • How Can Churches Support the Educational Community?
    • Program Inspire – Peggy Morrison, Alameda County Office of Education
    • Hayward Unified School District Programs – Christy Gerren and Andrea Wilson, HUSD
    • Chabot College – Terrance Thompson and Art Barboza
    • California State University, East Bay – Stan Hebert
    • Congregations Organizing for Renewal (COR) – Rev. Michael McBride, COR, Way Christian Center, Berkeley and Shoshanna Spector, Program Coordinator

If you are an African American student or the parent of an African American student, invite your church leaders to participate in the Pastors’ Leadership Breakfast. (Contact us with the form below and we will send them an invitation.)

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If you are an educator, talk to your own clergy about getting involved, whether or not they are part of an Alameda County school district.