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AAREA® cannot enhance the education of African American students and those that serve students without the help and support from the community.

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  • Honoring AFAM children for academic, social, and cultural achievements
  • Parent programming and resources to assist with the academic success of their children
  • Creating a college going culture in AFAM communities

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Coordinator of Special Projects, Pleasanton Unified School District
Thank you Bobbie for such an inspiring celebration of our black students on Sunday.  What a grand group of students and what an incredible ceremony honoring them!  I am very interested in joining your organization and representing the Tri Valley area on behalf of the students but also on behalf of the unrecognized  black teachers and administrators.  For a very long time, black teachers and administrators in Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore have been hidden and unrecognized and all of them are doing tremendous things for our students.  Black students in our area are rarely even noticed let alone recognized for the good work that they do and I really that I have an opportunity to change that now.  Let me know what I can do-I want to get involved.  I was very touched by your presentations and very honored for my children who received these awards and I want to make that possible for more of our deserving students. Thank you again!
Parent of student at American High School
Ms. Brooks - I wanted to send you a note of thanks for the wonderful ceremony yesterday. I am so glad that my husband and I were able to attend, as this was such a meaningful event. The speakers were all so great, especially Bishop Keith L. Clark. My son really enjoyed his words of wisdom. You have obviously worked tirelessly to continue this very important endeavor, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Ethnic Studies Co-chair, James Logan High School
I would like to thank you and SACAAAE for honoring me yesterday. I am really touched that a group of my peers (African American peers) think enough of what I do as an educator to single me out as one of the honorees. I would also like to congratulate you and SACAAAE for a program that was very well done and a pleasure to be a part of. Tommie, Lindsay, and I were talking after the program and we would like to know how the African American staff at James Logan High School can become a part of this fantastic program? Thank you again!
Ms. Brooks, I really enjoyed the breakfast meeting last Saturday! I find myself refreshed for the work to come. The environment was warm, inclusive and full of life!