14th Annual African-American Student Achievement and Excellence Awards Online Nominations

14th Annual African-American Student Achievement and Excellence Awards Online Nominations

Welcome to the AASAE Awards Online Nomination Instructions Page

Please read ALL of the following prior to starting the nomination process!
  • Applications will be accepted through online submission ONLY.

    • If need technical support or assistance, please call us at (510) 614-3000 or contact us by email.
    • The nomination form should function on any modern browser.
    • We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
    • Internet Explorer 9+ will work but is not recommended.
    • The form is responsive for smartphones and tablets, but you must be able to upload files from your device.
  • Please note the deadlines and timing information below:

    The Deadlines for Nomination Submissions are:

    • 11:59pm on March 3rd, 2018 for Elementary, Middle, and High-School student nominations
    • Each nomination takes, on average, about 15 minutes to complete.
    • Complete the form IN ITS ENTIRETY.
    • You may nominate as many students as you like in one session – you will have the opportunity at the end of the nomination form to reload the form and nominate a new student.
  • Please review the eligibility requirements for the AAREA African American Student Achievement & Excellence Awards:

    • Attend school in Alameda County
    • Have a minimum 2.5  grade point average for Fall Semester 2017-2018 as verified by an official transcript or report card (3.5 minimum GPA or equivalent Proficiency Level for Fall Semester 2017-2018 for Academic Excellence nominees)
    • Currently in one of the following grade levels:
      • High School Seniors graduating in June 2018
      • High School Juniors who will transition to Seniors in Fall 2018
      • 8th grade middle school students who will transition to high school in Fall 2018
      • Elementary school students who will transition to middle school in Fall 2018
  • Please review the items needed to complete the Nomination Form:

    • Student contact information
    • Parent/Guardian contact information
    • Nominator contact information
    • An electronic copy of the student’s transcript or report card to upload for GPA verification
    • Optional for Visual/Graphic/Performing Arts Category – 3 electronic samples of the student’s work to upload
    • To complete the nomination process, current student transcripts and any other supporting documents must be uploaded at the time of submission.
    • We strongly recommend previewing the Nomination Questions before beginning the form.  Click the button below to preview.